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stacy ross, Founder

Stacy grew up in a military family and got her pilot’s license well before she could legally drive a car and instantly knew the Air Force’s sexy B-1B was her choice of aircraft.  She was a graduate of the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training program and served as a bomber pilot operating strategically around the globe.  Throughout her time as an aircraft commander, instructor pilot, and evaluator pilot, two things were certain – her love for flying and her love for teaching.  Stacy finds passion in coaching and instructing others with the ultimate goal of developing them to be the very best version of themselves.  In 2008, using her engineering degree, Stacy transitioned from active duty to manufacturing and then to the oil and gas industry as a senior level leader where she uses her skills in project management, discipline capability, and being an advocate for veterans.  She credits her time in the military to her current success and knows that her foundation was built by what she learned during active duty.

Stacy is married with two children who ensure she keeps her work/life balance in check and can usually be found at a toddler birthday party, the gym, or skiing blindfolded down a mountain because someone dared her.


teri poulton, founder

Teri is a mom of three who transitioned into the oil and gas industry after a career in the Air Force where she flew KC-135s & C-17s, survived two typhoons and a pentagon tour.  While teaching pilot training, her two young daughters may or may not have been convinced (somehow) that only women flew airplanes.  

With corporate expertise in communications, corporate social responsibility and government affairs she found purpose in advocating for veterans and military families while focusing her professional efforts on supporting veteran nonprofits and career success for vets and families alike.  Teri was listed on the 2015 HillVets 100 as a leading veteran influencer in the U.S.  

She’s a baseball fanatic, loves the beach and can frequently be found at music festivals or live shows pretty much anywhere.