U.S Department of Defense photograph.

While sharing lunch in a corporate cafeteria, trading notes on their lives as working moms, military veterans and advocates for fellow veterans, Stacy & Teri realized it was time for #SomethingBigger.


Our Mission

...was to define our new mission.  Outside of work and family, we each found a sense of purpose in sharing our experience and coaching fellow service members as they embarked on new careers.

And we quickly learned something.  We worked in an industry where women were significantly underrepresented.  Well before our company got serious about veterans, it publicly committed to lofty gender goals.  The new veteran hiring agenda--an effort we helped create and grow--was threatening the equally important objectives in gender recruitment.

At the same time we realized most veterans were looking for the wrong roles at the wrong companies and wrong industries.  This is one reason many veterans leave their first job within the first year. There was a distinct opportunity to help better prepare service members to seek the best corporate fit for their strengths, professional ambitions and their personal goals.  

There we found it....something bigger.  We carved out a niche, defined our unique approach and expanded our scope.  We set out to drastically change the way women veterans are prepared, recruited and choose their new careers.  Our new mission:  Meet a clear corporate need with a cadre of high-achieving, well-coached bad ass women veterans.